Design Coordinator Responsibilities and Duties

Oversee design progress against schedule and budget.

Implement corrective measures for identified distractions or issues.

Review, negotiate and recommend for approval/disapproval on design change orders.

Administer design subcontract including processing monthly invoices for payment.

Coordinate and monitor status of design incentive/disincentive programs complying with provisions of design subcontract.

Perform constructive reviews conforming design to prime contract requirements and proposal commitments.

Coordinate and control design submittals for owner’s review and approval.

Facilitate resolving design issues with owner.

Head and manage procurement of selected materials.

Oversee and maintain cleanliness in organization campus and sample library.

Support preparation of completed aircraft for interior photography sessions using props.

Assist designer on special research and technical projects.

Manage entirely materials and data to help establish and maintain effective communication and information systems within unit.

Perform receptionist role to maintain appointment agenda and inform commitments to team members.

Provide assistance in sample boards and shop boards preparation for presentation and release to shops.

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