Photographer Job Duties

The day of a photographer may seem at first glance, a pretty amazing and easy job-but there is a lot that goes into the day to day duties of a photographer-regardless of what type of photographer he is and what industry he has chosen to work for. If you are considering becoming a professional photographer, one of the most important things you should know is what the general duties are of a photographer, so you can best gauge if this is the right career path and field for you. Below, we offer a review of the most general duties of a professional photographer for your convenience.

Though it may seem from TV and books, photographers just point and shoot, and collect the paycheck; a lot more goes into the art and technical function of taking photos. While every industry that employs a photographer for their needs varies in their daily duties and included tasks and responsibilities, there are a basic set of general duties that a professional and successful photographer must do.

The first thing that any one should understand in connection to the duties and responsibilities of a photographer is that adequate training and education is required. It is not enough to just enjoy and have an eye for taking photos; you must have professional training with the camera and methodology. Once the correct training has been completed, the following tasks and duties can be expected of a professional photographer-on a general basis:

Camera gear maintenance
Camera gear updating as technology requires to stay competitive
Lighting setup
Product/model preparation and placement
Negotiating with art directors, stylists, and other professionals involved
Maintaining project and ongoing budgets
Model selection
Keeping updated on newest technology and method in the industry
Knowledge of all types of photography equipment
Location selection and setup
Acquiring and positioning props for shoots
Planning and implementation of background/backdrop
Maintaining all administrative aspects-billing and accounting
Supervision of assistants
Negotiation with clients and customer service
Advertising and promoting for new client work
Editing and developing photos online or in a dark room
Renting space for photo shoots
Hiring models and assistants

Of course, all of these responsibilities are general and certainly do not include everything that a photographer may be responsible for on a daily basis. Depending on the industry that a photographer is in, they may very well be responsible for traveling to various locations for shoots, getting more industry specific technology, and lots of research.

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