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Exercise Physiologist Responsibilities and Duties

Perform fitness tests on all athletes and provide accurate physiological profile for all individuals and monitor all periodic assessments of athletes and provide update on same and design all fitness training programs.

Assist staff and provide coaching to increase effect of all training program and educate all athletes and coaches on all recovery training and monitor heart rate of all athletes at training programs.

Develop all athletes for all long term programs and provide all required physiological information and coordinate with all professionals to ensure optimal training programs and utilize various resources and equipments.

Perform various longitude studies and prepare reports for all exercise programs and perform regular research on same and update same and maintain knowledge on all health and fitness issues and promote all benefits of programs.

Participate in various regional and national conferences and seminars and supervise all operations to ensure achievement of all objectives for cardiac rehab programs and implement all processes to achieve all objectives and document all patient requirements.

Prepare records of all patient history and medical diagnose and analyze all outcomes and prepare all reports for patients condition and participate in various meetings to resolve all issues and schedule same and implement all plans according to required prescription exercise.

Oversee all documents of exercise and maintain records of all heart rate and blood pressure at exercise and monitor all electrocardiogram for patients in session and participate in various intervention programs and maintain record of all treatment and participate in various department meetings.

Monitor all exercise programs and ensure compliance to all timeframe and coordinate with departments for all marketing wellness programs and assist to treat all patients coming to cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs.

Develop and execute various education components for all rehabilitation programs and ensure compliance to all patient care standards and monitor all assignments for patients within guideline and supervise all everyday operations for non clinical programs.

Coordinate with manager and ensure adherence to all program procedures and recommend improvements if required and identify all issues in systems and suggest appropriate treatment and manage all materials on work site.

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