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Rehabilitation Director Responsibilities and Duties

Provide professional support services to rehabilitation center residents.

Initiate referrals as suitable and complying with Therapy Department procedures.

Plan, schedules, arrange, direct and oversee entire rehabilitation services to ensure optimum departmental operation.

Establish program development objectives and conduct ongoing analysis of effectiveness.

Develop and maintain relations between LaVie Rehabilitation and staff administration.

Identify staffing requirements, schedules and vacation coverage to ensure adequate staff attends to patient needs.

Support recruitment of new rehabilitation staff as required.

Ensure on time response to Medicare claim associated reviews and denials.

Ensure ongoing team conformance with relevant regulations, company procedures and policies.

Perform ongoing QA and corporate adherence program and supervise for effectiveness.

Oversee team patient treatment productivity and perform action as directed as per established benchmarks.

Ensure to all service are completed on time like logs and payroll etc.

Execute introductory along with yearly job performance analysis and monitor escalation plans.

Execute orientation f or new rehabilitation personnel.

Coordinate and direct team involvement in facility meetings as well as in-service programs.

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