Physician Internist Responsibilities and Duties

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Ensure to diagnose plus treat diseases as well as injuries of all internal organs.

Utilize medical instruments and equipments to examine patients.

Order or implement different tests, evaluate and diagnose images to present information on patient’s medical condition.

Evaluate and interpret reports along with tests findings and examine or diagnose condition.

Administer and ensure to prescribe treatment and necessary drugs.

Ensure to immunize and vaccinate patients to inoculate patients from all communicable diseases.

Recommend patients in relation to diet, hygiene and procedures of prevention of disease.

Provide consultations through examining patients.

Review medical reports, records and logs along with research entire medical information.

Develop conclusions plus care recommendations and suggest attending physician.

Respond to all life-threatening emergencies through taking charge of ‘code’ situations.

Initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation along with advanced cardiac life assistance.

Notify attending physician and complete incident reports for respective physician.

Provide internist physician related quality assurance services through prescreening cases needing review by quality assurance committee.

Maintain patient confidence through maintaining patient care information and other details confidential.

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