PR Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Develop opportunities, messaging and managing press interactions.

Manage relationships with key business press and social media influencers.

Advance executive profiles promotion through traditional and new media channels.

Drive PR programs to encourage client’s position and assist anti-piracy agenda.

Support company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives like Environmental Sustainability and Community Involvement.

Assist senior manager on financial earnings announcements and media relations.

Maintain vendor relationships on corporate b-roll and photography.

Handle program measurement and reporting, special events and corporate PR activities.

Manage external PR agencies to support PR plans.

Develop press ready tools like imagery, key media outreach and follow through for maximum exposure.

Assess and maintain daily media enquiries.

Follow up communication and recap PR program materials.

Organize high impact events and campaigns engaging press, analysts and customers.

Oversee competitor activities and insert Box into press conversations through compelling competitive positioning.

Optimize branding and social media activities with creative media campaigns.

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