Product Development Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Develop various semiconductors for thin film and optical critical dimension.

Coordinate with various departments and prepare daily schedule for all functional tools.

Monitor all system issues and perform appropriate diagnosis.

Evaluate various designs and prepare tests for various programs and perform tests.

Perform troubleshoot on development process and prepare initial draft for system alignment.

Monitor all customer sites and resolve all technical issues at time of product release.

Provide training to manufacturing and service employee.

Prepare mitigation plans and resolve all issues in procedures.

Design all parts for materials and processes.

Coordinate with vendors and engineering staff and provide details for design.

Provide engineering support to various departments.

Manage project and ensure compliance to quality and time.

Manage all customer proposals and ensure adherence to style requirement.

Assist various departments to prepare mock ups for all prototypes.

Evaluate all technical designs and ensure compatibility to design guidelines.

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