Distribution Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Build electrical power distribution systems in overhead and underground facilities.

Design cable routes and develop physical layouts including height, spacing and location parameters.

Determine electrical equipment needs and quantities for development of new power systems.

Manage voltage drop, short circuit, power factor, and sag and stress in a timely manner.

Provide engineering support to operations and maintenances of power distribution systems.

Monitor performances of electrical systems and recommend improvements.

Analyze system failures and suggest appropriate resolutions.

Work in compliance with company policies and procedures.

Develop best practices and share with other team members.

Propose cost reduction initiatives while maintaining high efficiency of electrical transmission and distribution systems.

Work with Manager in planning and executing assigned electrical distribution projects within deadlines and budgets.

Wear safety equipment and follow to safety procedures at all times.

Indentify and notify safety concerns to management promptly.

Assist in constriction specifications, material selection, and foundation design activities.

Maintain documentations of all engineering tasks performed for future reference purposes.

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