Distribution Planner Responsibilities and Duties

Plan and coordinate product distribution activities for each customer.

Maintain distribution records and monitor pending shipments.

Take, confirm and track orders in coordination with Manager.

Work with Materials department to determine shortages and excess of supplies.

Coordinate with Material department to arrange supplies for distributions.

Oversee receiving, handling and rotating and storing of supplies in warehouses.

Analyze and resolve delivery issues in a timely fashion.

Provide assistances to supply chain, warehouse, materials, IT and transportation teams when needed.

Review and recommend improvements to current product distribution parameters.

Work in compliance with company policies and procedures.

Assist in risk assessment and mitigation activities.

Propose cost reduction initiatives while maintaining productivity.

Develop continuous improvement initiatives to increase efficiency, productivity and customer services.

Stay up-to-date with target customers, global market and supply chains.

Coordinate with Manager to meet or exceed customer demands.

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