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Forklift Operator Responsibilities and Duties

Identify and report faulty equipments, damages, and safety concerns to Supervisor immediately.

Load and unload products from trailers using forklift trucks and other material handling equipment.

Store the products in proper places in warehouse.

Transport products to and from warehouse and distribution centers.

Deliver products to various units in safely and timely manner.

Sort, pack, wrap, tie and label products as per company procedures.

Weigh products and record weight and other data in product labels.

Monitor and maintain accurate inventory.

Move and load hazardous wastes under direction of supervisor.

Clean work area and equipment regularly by removing empty pallets, wood and plastic.

Follow company standards and legal regulations to ensure safe and positive work atmosphere.

Maintain forklift equipment by troubleshooting breakdowns, performing preventive maintenance, recommending repairs and performing routine pre and post inspections.

Maintain material handling equipments by recharging, cleaning, oiling, refueling and other necessary actions, and record all information on log sheet.

Study production schedule to determine material requirements, movements and deliveries.

Record information regarding movements of supplies, materials and finished products.

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