Line Technician Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all line set up and product changeovers and perform all minor repairs on line equipment and process all packaging production.

Inspect all products and packs for all quality and perform visual inspection on all raw materials and date codes and manage all activities of line team and ensure achievement of all production objectives according to quality standards and monitor all inventory transactions.

Assist to clean up work area and train all employees in operating all line equipments according to company processes.

Maintain and operate all highly automated manufacturing equipments.

Perform required preventative maintenance on all equipments and maintain all quality records for same.

Monitor all production areas and ensure compliance to standard operating procedures.

Operate all production equipments and maintain running condition of all equipments.

Make all adjustments to equipments and ensure efficiency of all product line and manage all equipment issues and minimize all downtime.

Establish all line bottlenecks and recommend improvements and maintain all work orders and recommend improvements to all processes and maintain all items.

Document all operations and operate all equipments according to IAW Hood Standards and maintain quality for all product line.

Manage all communication with team members and maintain efficiency of all plant operations.

Ensure optimal utilization of all resources and monitor all production run and provide support to all team members.

Participate in all pre shift meetings and obtain all required information and monitor all equipment operations and recommend improvements to same.

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