Machine Operator Responsibilities and Duties

Establish machinery and ensure entire production materials are obtainable.

Operate and supervise equipment along with replenish materials as required.

Inspect visually document results and production run.

Indentify and convey any malfunctions to concerned parties.

Ensure to maintain cleanliness of assigned work floor and equipment.

Head responsibility as machine operator for performing operation maintenance of automated equipment.

Incorporate all training essential for turning into fully qualified.

Ensure to complete all necessary reading and pass successfully machine certification associated written examination.

Ensure to perform all duties safe and secured manner.

Comply with established safety and security standards by wearing apt personal protective equipment for tasks as directed.

Convey hazards related with equipment to staff working near and with machines.

Provide required support and personal protective equipment guidelines to concerned personnel.

Complete all documents related with equipment operation.

Collaborate with engineers, supervisors and process engineers to enhance processes, procedures and training methods.

Assist development of training materials to improve quality, processes and lessen cycle time.

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