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Manufacturing Director Responsibilities and Duties

Lead, direct and monitor every aspect of production in NY manufacturing plant with strong cross-functional leadership.

Comply with company policy and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Prepare and maintain fully engaged as well as talented workforce.

Supervise manufacturing planning, scheduling, quality adherence, processing, materials management, packaging and so on.

Perform closely with every department.

Ensure to directly or indirectly optimize NY production/manufacturing performance.

Execute business strategies and practices to constantly improve production capability, quality, costs and customer service goals.

Maintain and enhance quality, safety and client satisfaction.

Train and prepare associates or performance management or succession planning.

Propose, prepare and execute initiatives to enhance profitability.

Ensure to maximize production efficiency as well as optimize manpower usage.

Develop and supervise annual manufacturing budgets.

Ensure to comply with all manufacturing reporting as needed.

Facilitate and supervise new R&D project transition to manufacturing processes.

Ensure to successfully complete and smoothly integrate existing production stream.

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