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Manufacturing Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure entire safety of all employees working in manufacturing department.

Supervise production planning, instrument manufacturing, purchasing and shipping departments.

Lead and motivate all subordinates to fulfill schedules, improve control costs and quality.

Train, coach and supervise employees to attain optimum performance considering every employee.

Ensure to promote atmosphere allowing them to use best of their skills.

Employ, interview, monitor and conduct disciplinary methods for all subordinates.

Perform with teams and supply chain management to ensure stable stream of inventory without any exces.

Conduct routine audits of equipments and schedules.

Design, prepare and record test and manufacturing methods to ensure high quality and efficiency.

Comply with entire Q/A manual to assure shipping of exclusive high quality products.

Write and present employee performance reviews along with recommend financial increases.

Involve in development plus administration of rewards program apt for high achievers.

Maintain feasible schedules of entire product teams and expedite material as needed.

Maintain and present training to subordinates on every manufacturing procedure, processes and equipment.

Design and change facilities and production line along with assist function areas regularly to reduce space and waste.

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