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Master Planner Responsibilities and Duties

Establish procedure for centralized demand estimating plus production planning throughout company for all products manufactured by Tesla.

Develop planning tools and framework to obtain approval from main stakeholders.

Convey and negotiate Master Production Schedule along with contract manufacturers to assure schedule achievability.

Convey or publish Production Plan to entire constituents.

Establish planning calendar to assure standard updates to Master Production Schedule every month.

Develop, execute and maintain tools as well as techniques required to evaluate impact of proposed schedule changes.

Coordinate plus lead usual production meetings to assess actual in opposition to planed and convey changes or updates to MPS.

Ensure to constantly communication with main stakeholders from Finance, Sales, Manufacturing, Program Management and Supply Chain pertinent to requirements and impacts.

Supervise and report actual results against Master Production Schedule.

Support continued indoctrination to plan and produce personnel for planning plus scheduling process.

Prepare and manage master materials schedule utilizing Cost point ERP and varied applications.

Develop and execute inventory control methods and reports to assure accurate plus apt inventory levels.

Plan, schedule as well as coordinate materials availability to assist production developed schedules.

Resolve problems plus enhance improvements associated with inventory flow plus production control.

Ensure conformance with all ISO requirements.

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