New Product Development Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Develop and review design prototypes, perform test and finalize product design to facilitate mass production.

Perform market researches to understand market requirements and initiate innovative product development.

Analyze new components, materials and technologies to evaluate functionality for all new product development.

Coordinate with multidisciplinary product launch teams to facilitate product launch as per research findings and in appropriate market.

Design new concepts for development of new products and maintain technical compatibility to develop concepts into real products.

Participate in LSS programs to promote continuous product improvement initiatives.

Prepare comprehensive project plans with technical objectives and detailed cost estimates.

Analyze product cost and prepare schedule plans for effective implementation of projects.

Provide backup services by advising and develop innovative ideas, concepts and methods for same.

Analyze and perform quantitative assessment of design prototypes in line with regulatory and industry norms to tackle all regulatory and marketing issues.

Prepare and approve product design and test plans, review design and recommend adequate changes to the approved models before actual role out of new products.

Approve prototypes of new designs, conduct performance analysis of prototypes and ensure assemblage of products follow company’s quality parameters.

Comply with Design control and Stage gate processes while designing prototypes and products.

Design innovative production techniques and provide support to existing ones for new design roll out.

Develop new technology and devices to test functionality of new products and manage same in target market.

Administer progress of assigned projects to major stakeholders.

Document records for all project proposal and associated activities.

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