OEM Product Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage co-branded product growth and initiate plans to optimize revenue.

Develop and manage all product development strategies, key market programs and pricing mechanisms to drive business growth.

Facilitate in development of business metrics and manage budget to conceptualize business strategies.

Prepare detailed status report on OEM activity that includes financial projections , analyze same and provide necessary recommendations.

Plan and implement strategies and plans to counter competitor’s position in market place.

Coordinate with customers to identify marketing trends for incorporation in product development strategies.

Analyze and indentify new vertical markets through primary and secondary analysis and design plans to increase market reach of OEM products.

Develop and maintain relationship with OEM partners to develop various products through collaborative approach.

Perform business analysis and participate in review meetings to identify business requirements for growth.

Administer effective incorporation of new and innovative technologies to build enhanced product line to compete with competitors.

Manage and resolve all issues in cross functional process such as production, service and customer care to position OEM products in all competitive products.

Schedule products market entry and provide support to marketing groups by providing training, pricing strategies and sale techniques to sustain product sale.

Coordinate with teams to generate contents to develop brochures and white papers to support marketing services.

Analyze product development requirement through market research, analyze competitor products and interact with customers and with sales team.

Develop sustainable portfolio of OEM component products to create maximum effect in market with maximum similarity by working with product marketing and engineering teams.

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