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Packaging Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Develop various packaging concepts in coordination with finished products and materials used and ensure compatibility of packaging with manufacturing unit.

Assist all internal teams and perform research on all products and evaluate packing requirements in development phase of all products.

Develop all components and packaging labels and monitor all engineering activities and provide support to all products, documents all activities and perform tests on product designs.

Design all release of packaging component and assemblies and coordinate with product designers and ensure compliance to all internal and external requirements.

Provide technical support to all engineering and provide support to manufacturing and implementation processes of product packaging.

Documents all engineering protocols and develop all engineering and manufacturing specification and ensure compliance to all FDA and ISO regulations.

Prepare and documents all test designs for packages and prepare new packaging and ensure maintenance of all bill of materials according to required specification.

Analyze and provide support to all activities to achieve all marketing objectives and assist to launch new products and reduce cost of production.

Review all new technology and prepare design to increase efficiency and ensure effective transition of all designs into design process.

Coordinate with both national and international vendors and reduce material costs and plan all related activities for packaging such as transportation and display of products.

Develop and maintain activity schedule for project and ensure appropriate labels on all products.

Supervise all product display and determine efficient plans for supplies.

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