Packaging Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze and determine all standards for packaging lines and ensure compliance to all schedule for processes and develop and maintain all packing orders effectively.

Monitor and recommend improvements in processes to increase efficiency of packaging department and monitor inventory for warehouse and maintain records of all physical transactions and prepare documents for same.

Manage all substance transactions and vault access and ensure compliance to DEA requirements and coordinate with production and quality assurance department to ensure adherence to all manufacturing schedules.

Maintain and ensure compliance to packaging schedule and assign specific tasks to all employees and monitor all packing equipments and supplies.

Coordinate with quality and warehouse departments to monitor everyday activities of units and ensure efficient working of both manufacturing and packaging department and ensure continuous improvement in same.

Manage all work according to packing schedule and maintain an inventory of materials and completion of all projects with required timeframe.

Develop team environment in department and resolve all packing issues in coordination with quality department.

Coordinate with plant manager and evaluate all projects and recommend ways to reduce cost and improve quality of all processes and provide necessary training and counseling to employees as per requirement.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all external vendors and contractors and improve efficiency process through incorporation of new technology.

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