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QA Auditor Responsibilities and Duties

Verify, investigate and audit production processes and its conformance to QA standards and procedures.

Design, create and establish a QA control checklist.

Study, evaluate and assess standards of equipment operations, product process specifications and other related issues to ensure QA standards.

Study and review all product processing sheets, specification sheets and other processing data to ensure QA controls.

Ensure QA programs in areas of operations, maintenance, services, packaging and transportation and other areas of functionalities.

Ensure high quality standards at all levels of operations and management levels.

Develop, monitor and track QA data and process improvements in all products and services.

Assist and support teams in conducting QA audits and inspections.

Research, study, evaluate and advice on all QA controls and procedures for further improvements.

Ensure compliance of QA controls with the company’s best practices and standards.

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