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Release Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Perform with project managers, development teams and system administrators for development, evaluation, test and launch phases of software development life cycle.

Configure and release software application updates to QA along with Production environments.

Collect and provide ongoing project feedback to change management organization.

Recommend process improvements alternative to roll out tools and processes.

Develop apt reporting tools and information depository to measure conformance to entire processes and utilization of tools through monthly metrics.

Head and direct collaborative efforts of release and developed management standards.

Define, rollout and on-going project management for professional provided services.

Identify new tools and technologies to develop release streams and builds.

Assist Configuration Management processes to be more reliable, efficient and cost effective.

Perform routine project activities required to manage release by test production and environments.

Manage and comply release schedule and main release milestones throughout programs.

Search and report product release dependencies throughout projects.

Help cross-program planning to oversee dependencies and solve conflicts.

Lead impact evaluation on basis of project date changes and convey results.

Conduct and influence actively program development, management, testing along with operations on release and development processes.

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