Production Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Identify all issues in team and provide continuous support to all members according to operating standards on everyday basis.

Supervise effective working of production personnel and prepare effective production schedules and ensure compliance to all company policies.

Administer all work according to QRQC principles and recommend strategies to improve processes and reduce goals.

Maintain records of all data attendance and provide effective training to all staff members.

Coordinate with equipment and process teams and ensure compliance to all protocols and maintain product quality.

Prepare vacation schedule for all employees and ensure no effect to production.

Manage and prioritize all production processes and implement all production plans.

Ensure compliance to all local policies to achieve all production objectives and provide appropriate feedback to all employees.

Develop and maintain effective relations with all company employees at various levels of organization.

Prepare necessary paperwork and administer all invoices on spreadsheet and maintain records of all documents.

Analyze staffing requirements and ensure efficient compliance to production schedules and budget for all production process.

Evaluate and maintain all department budgets and analyze all variances for same.

Maintain and provide support to all 5-S program and prepare training program for all status boards.

Ensure compliance to workplace policies according to safety objectives.

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