Production Support Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Provide two tier support to all applications and provide assistance to all end users and identify any issues in production.

Maintain schedule jobs and perform troubleshoot on processes and resolve all issues.

Analyze all vendor applications and provide operational support to same and perform reviews.

Administer and implement all new systems and ensure transition of plans to production.

Provide training to various new employees and assist with expert knowledge on all production processes.

Document all production applications and resolve all application issues and answer all requests.

Monitor all performance metrics for various production systems and identify root cause for all technical issues and recommend solutions.

Maintain knowledge on all hardware and operating system and update security associate technology.

Analyze all applications and recommend necessary upgrades and patches and perform troubleshoot on all issues.

Maintain effective relationships with various system administrators and development teams.

Prepare all project requirements and develop all associated projects for various applications.

Participate in periodic meetings and maintain all applications for productions and plan appropriate various strategies.

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