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Production Technician Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure production area is safe to work, productive and has required inventory.

Maintain production machines and equipments.

Ensure equipments and work floor is clean, safe and well-maintenance.

Monitor and control processes using visual observation, process data and on-line testing.

Identify and debug problems in processes, products, equipment and work for solution.

Resolve practical problems and deal with variety of concrete situation variables where limited standardization exists.

Perform tasks assigned to operations as per Master Task List.

Provide training to technicians on plant operations.

Promote safe and healthy production environment and perform safe work practices always.

Establish and perform high performance standards characterized by integrity.

Support field personnel and engineering staff in production data management.

Lead and direct operators to ensure production integrity.

Create production graphs and analyze production trends using Aries, DSS, Excel and Access.

Develop failure database for artificial lift and assist in analyzing performance.

Support data management and technical evaluation efforts of team.

Recommend new approaches to streamline team’s data management.

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