Programmer Developer Responsibilities and Duties

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Represent IT team on cross-functional teams where projects affect multiple segments of organization.

Research, analyze and design technical solutions to attain company operational and business reporting needs.

Record processes, procedures and requirements of developed programs.

Provide system support to end users and trouble shoot issues rising within custom developed programs and applications.

Guide and assist technically to identify best developmental approach, either package or custom.

Develop new databases or convert data by new application on demand.

Ensure functionality, performance and fit of program with unit, system and integration test of components.

Develop Application Support material like user documentation, operating procedures, roll-out and communication plans.

Identify specific program training issues and assists in implementation functions.

Supply application training content and support to educate users on application.

Conduct, engage and participate in tasks and activities necessary to support IT and its strategies and directives.

Evaluate and maintain program application support tools and develop procedures and processes for their use.

Support graphically company related efforts.

Develop documentation for web applications, scripts, and processes.

Develop web displayed deliverables in response to tasking from authorized users within supported organizations.

Train and mentor scripts and web development tools as required.

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