Project Estimator Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Design all sketches for construction projects and monitor all change orders and assemble all materials and required documents for presentations and bids and process all subcontracts and contracts.

Maintain confidentiality of all documents and provide technical support for all projects and manage all required materials and perform regular inspections on customer site and assist in installation.

Prepare estimates for all actual costs and compare same with all estimates and ensure profitability of all jobs and assist to install all required equipments on site as per regulation and codes and collaborate with technicians and personnel.

Collaborate with customers and public and ensure optimal relations at all times and ensure response to all customer queries and provide appropriate sales leads to department and ensure adherence to all best policies as per control plans.

Prepare all documents required for projects and maintain accuracy of all estimates and manage all project data and administer all communication with management to mitigate all risks in projects.

Evaluate work of all project supervisors and manager and analyze project schedule and collaborate with insurance adjuster to prepare all estimates for projects and ensure optimal utilization of all leads.

Monitor all customer requirements and prepare estimates for same and design budget for efficient working for same and prepare proposal for all cost volumes and bid forms.

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