Purchase Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Document online forms for cost effective and lawful implementation of export and import.

Plan and execute export/import strategy complying with organizational aims and needs.

Manage financial and currency processes as per policy and law and optimize cost effectiveness.

Recruit, train, evaluate, motivate and delegate staff activities.

Develop effective and constructive solutions to export/import challenges by using personal judgment and initiative.

Review, record and analyze on trends and results and suggest for export/import.

Negotiate purchase/sales contracts and renew and review contracts for trading, operations and customer relations.

Handle Capital and Projects Procurement by linking between Management visions and Project execution.

Enhance operational plant purchasing processes.

Budget, optimize process and oversee indirect materials inventory.

Oversee supplier performance and develop plant buyer team’s competence and qualification.

Interface with Production to determine raw material procurement and pack material through trustable vendor base.

Forward and follow-up on vendor enquiries for production and pricing needs.

Implement purchase orders to ensure production schedule on time.

Develop and execute contract management and purchase instruction.

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