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Purchasing Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Design and implement all commercial agreements and provide support to all buyers and prepare all non disclosure agreements and resolve all issues in supply chain and monitor market to maintain industry knowledge for buyer.

Coordinate with buyers to maintain and provide update in all pricing and prepare routine reports for all data with help of various available tools.

Analyze all projects to reduce cost and risks and identify and implement same on regular basis and prepare strategies to design various cost savings programs and identify all new suppliers if required and maintain exceptional professional relationships with all suppliers.

Administer all trends and market conditions and maintain efficient flow of information for all materials and achieve all production requirements for same and collaborate with product development team to design all new product introduction and assist in procurement of all sample requests.

Prepare reports on working of all approved suppliers and establish appropriate level of risks for all purchase processes and maintain continuity of all supplies and execute all lean manufacturing techniques to manage vendor inventories.

Coordinate with manufacturing managers and maintain all production activities successfully and analyze all product requirements on monthly and weekly basis and provide list of all raw materials required for plant.

Monitor inventory at plant and maintain same at all times and provide technical support to purchasing manager for all operational projects and prepare cost effective processes.

Administer everyday business activities to prepare all business strategies and manage all communication to ensure maintenance of all supply in organization.

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