Commodity Buyer Responsibilities and Duties

Devise and implement strategies for buying commodities from supplier.

Analyze global demands for the assigned commodities.

Command proficiency in commodities and buying processes and update as required.

Handle and manage records and presentations for meetings.

Assess, evaluate and suggest reliable commodity suppliers.

Implement and Advise management on purchases.

Collaborate with clients and staff to preserve commodity quality.

Interface between suppliers and operational team on buying processes.

Devise and implement strategies to encourage enhancement of commodity quality.

Evaluate and improve costing techniques.

Facilitate communication between supplier and the various buying departments.

Analyze, evaluate and utilize RFQ results to assimilate resources.

Clarify any financial issues that might arise.

Protect and improve supplier relations with FMAP.

Formulate close ties with suppliers through providing quality work within the given timelines.

Develop means to Strengthen and consolidate the Commodity team.

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