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Purchasing Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Design and implement all material plans and ensure compliance to all purchasing policies and manage all communication for all engineering activities and assist to buy all supplies and equipments and maintain quality for same.

Evaluate all quotes and coordinate with vendors to provide required component bids and analyze all vendor performance to improve all purchasing process.

Develop and maintain professional relationships with all suppliers and prepare reports for all purchasing departments and provide support to all managers to plan and execute all purchasing processes and provide an effective interface with all departments.

Administer everyday activities of all purchasing staff and provide training to staff to ensure compliance to cGMP and monitor all purchasing activities and design various cost effective methods according to demands.

Evaluate and maintain all reports for inventory re order and coordinate with internal departments for same and maintain an efficient purchase order system and manager all communication with internal customers and recommend improvements to all service levels and ensure accuracy.

Design and implement various purchasing strategies and procurement policies and participate in all supplier reduction programs in coordination with global supply chain team and determine appropriate programs for all purchase requirements and assist to reduce supply chain cost.

Manage all supplier contracts and assist to administer best pricing strategies for all purchase materials and suppliers and analyze all new issue sin materials and recommend strategies to improve quality and manage inventory levels for all products.

Oversee all programs and assist to purchase all materials and non capital equipments and participate in various purchasing processes and prepare appropriate budget and implement all optimal contract negotiation.

Analyze all existing procedures for purchasing agents and approve all non capital requisitions and evaluate all competitive bids and requests for proposals and prepare all competitive agreements and design al system and procedures to minimize cost for all customers.

Supervise all audit activities and evaluate all purchase orders and payment perform and assist to eliminate any discrepancy in same and prepare all contract terms and conditions.

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