QA Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Implement all ERP activities and resolve all quality issues and design various quality assurance activities and perform various tests on all new applications and monitor all product lifecycle.

Prepare and validate all quality project documents and recommend improvements to quality if required and assess all non compliance trends and provide required training to all business groups to resolve all issues.

Manage all regulations for all activities on site and coordinate with technical staff to achieve all objectives and establish all support for all new features and ensure work according to all software development methods.

Analyze and select appropriate software tools and recommend cost for same and develop and maintain efficient relationships with all development teams and perform tests on various environments.

Coordinate with stakeholders to design strategies to improve all business and maintain optimal quality and determine appropriate benchmark for all team and recommend ways to improve quality of products and maintain customer satisfaction.

Develop efficient relationships with all stakeholders and staff members and prepare and publish all status reports on monthly and weekly basis and participate in various release meetings to analyze all Quality Assurance activities.

Ensure efficient working of all new release products and maintain quality within departments and perform corrective actions if required.

Manage all communication regarding improvement within facility and review all product trends and implement an efficient quality production programs to maintain quality of all products.

Evaluate and provide appropriate quality control manual and perform regular inspection of all procedures and maintain efficient statistical methods for all vendors and approve submission of all samples to recommend appropriate engineering changes.

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