Quality Assurance Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Lead, direct and manage quality assurance department.

Ensure quality assurance standards in all products or services.

Monitor production methods, product safety, product quality and risk management.

Ensure quality in a product beginning with raw material, processes and up to the finished product.

Ensure quality in packaging, storage and shipping.

Adhere to best practices, standards and procedures in maintaining and assuring quality.

Apply quality tools, methodologies and procedures in ensuring quality services to customers.

Research, study, evaluate and implement quality assurance practices in compliance to company’s best practices.

Take appropriate corrective remedial measures in ensuring quality in products or services.

Ensure feedback from customers on quality assurance of products or services.

Initiate and establish quality assurance standards conforming to customers’ needs.

Ensure compliance to all federal and state laws and regulations.

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