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Food Safety Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Provide and interface for state and local regulatory agencies in regards to food safety concerns.

Oversee regulations and implement same on all monitoring systems and evaluate it on regular basis to ensure compliance with law.

Coordinate with product management and sourcing and provide effective solution to all management problems.

Establish good professional relationship with learning and development team through various partnerships to improve storage condition.

Provide reports to management as required and investigate Health Code i and violation of rules.

Develop plans, execute and assist proper growth oriented programs for enhancement of higher standards to ensure quality for business transaction.

Attend various training programs in relation with product research and develop knowledge on company product.

Develop and maintain effective relationship with employees and upgrade as per requirement.

Maintain and develop strategies to protect current products and ensure formulation of plans to upgrade product quality.

Develop and maintain archive of policies, processes and training records to ensure better healthcare systems to all clients.

Coordinate with various departments and participate into task of issuance policies.

Maintain all product safety programs and perform regular audit on both indoor and outdoor campaigns.

Analyze and provide upgrade, modification and benefits to people by safe storage of food and soft drinks.

Monitor various auditing program for effective supply and proper implantation.

Determine regulatory compliance with up gradation in facility to enhance quality of food and beverage products.

Coordinate with supply chain partners to assist in product improvement and innovation.

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