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International Project Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Oversee formulation of quality assurance programs and time management devices and associated strategies.

Monitor progression of all project plan and recommend improvements to management programs on regular basis.

Coordinate with business partners and enhance all clarification process in systematic way for benefits of business.

Manage all communication with senior level management board on behalf of various project teams.

Design upgrade and implement all intricate details of project plans.

Administer delivery of presentation to senior management and establish goals for all progression reports.

Provide assistance to select appropriate staff for international projects and provide training and ensure assessment.

Oversee all project management meetings with customer, engineers, sales and contractors.

Monitor all project management activities prepare plans and implement same to prepare reports for projects.

Collaborate with cost control personnel to detect cost related issues during implementation of financial projects.

Analyze and implement all engineering work with required accuracy.

Coordinate with engineering team to upgrade turnkey engineering packages.

Manage communication with various manufacturer shops to meet all requirements for international project.

Assist all logistics personnel to determine shipping list and develop efficient database within timeframe.

Participate in weekly production meetings to provide updates on all project schedules.

Participate in various financial management programs inclusive of expenses, budgetary plans and profits.

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