Project Control Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Support and coordinate project management through analytical, problem solving and decision making skills.

Develop budgets and schedules to conform to project requirements.

Generate purchase requests and vendor paperwork in assigned projects.

Support monthly financial projections by analyzing consultant, employee and subcontract labor.

Develop and maintain management plans as per contract guidelines.

Coordinate and compile input from team members and various weekly reports.

Develop work breakdown structure and prepare diagrams, graphs and charts to analyze problems.

Guide, supervise, support, train and conduct quality control.

Support senior staff and ensure satisfaction of project milestones and customer requirements.

Develop business architecture project schedule as per established customer requirements.

Describe enterprise primary business functions and determine stakeholders.

Define organization and function transcending support, core and strategic processes.

Monitor project execution to achieve maximum effectiveness for international and domestic projects.

Oversee and report performance and progress through analytical techniques to validate cost and performance.

Minimize company commercial risk through accountability of major project decisions.

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