Project Controls Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Design and construct new buildings, tenant improvements and building renovations.

Implement, estimate and schedule cost, process and procedure of design and construction management programs.

Maintain and apply work and organizational breakdown structures.

Monitor, review and validate project status and invoices and ensure timely and accurate updating of project dashboards.

Advise Project Control Analysts to monitor, track, trend, predict and report project statuses daily.

Support and guide project management to monitor project’s financial performance.

Audit progress and prepare change order information and support documentation.

Review, produce and document accounting data and report project management trends.

Develop and execute const control systems such as earned value measurement.

Prepare project baseline plans and conduct update of project progress.

Collect, coordinate, monitor and track cost data with contractors, vendors and project team members to manage project forecast.

Coordinate with project team and manager to develop, manage and control schedules.

Analyze start, completion and duration variances through approved baseline schedules.

Forecast cost to complete approved cost amount.

Establish project scheduling controls such as maintaining project planning sessions and project schedules.

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