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Quality Director Responsibilities and Duties

Develop departmental strategy and vision to ensure adherence with customer expectations.

Enforce consistent improvement and monitor Global Quality department.

Oversee, motivate, mentor and evaluate Quality Department’s employees performance.

Present and provide budget for all QA equipment, procedures and department expenditure.

Support and perform Quality Internal Auditors’ training to ensure continual staff of trained auditors.

Coordinate, help and perform quality education to entire plant staff.

Direct quality department operations, provide education and train staff related to quality arena.

Provide support and guidance to lead adhering to regulatory and legal requirements.

Monitor activities to ensure compliance with core quality measures.

Gather, analyze and manage quality related data.

Coordinate committee activities enforcing quality improvements.

Maintain and update information related to requirements and ensure effective communication for same.

Supervise coordinator activities, infection control practitioners and core measures.

Ensure all submitted data to apt organizations is complete and accurate.

Head and monitor quality activities to ensure company’s products comply to quality standards.

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