Quality Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Interact with customers to discuss company’s process, product and system technology.

Evaluate failures, identify cause and responsibility along with initiating corrective action.

Develop and execute entire quality assurance program.

Head and monitor all activities to ensure existing regulatory adherence at company.

Recommend revisions to improve overall quality of systems and processes.

Revise departmental technical procedures and problems.

Interact with component and material supplier associated with supply quality and supervise corrective action on demand.

Supervise quality systems effectiveness by reporting timely about external and internal quality metrics.

Develop test methods to qualify tools on different levels at time of production campaigns.

Gather process relevant crucial data and develop techniques to reduce drift and control various processes.

Assist process engineering providing extra technical as well as quality expertise.

Prepare and maintain training modules for quality systems and conduct training as needed.

Participate in annual review sample and complete individual details for selected people.

Provide expert analysis to guardians and execute recommendations.

Coordinate and oversee case conferences, writes consents and develop for individuals social histories.

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