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Transmission Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Manage all transmission-related contracts required for transmission service.

Conduct interconnected operations, construction, facilities engineering, ownership and maintenance as required.

Provide transmission system and congestion evaluation and price estimate in regional markets utilizing different tools to assist commercial activities.

Involve in regional transmission operation or planning stakeholder meetings to supervise system changes.

Ensure to advocate Calpine positions on issues related to transmission analysis.

Lead new generation interconnection for technical study processes.

Participate in regional RFP procedure plus provide transmission ability evaluation to assist origination as well as development activities.

Participate in entire regional market policy stakeholder meetings associated with transmission issues to advocate entire Calpine positions.

Assist entire other transmission associated activities.

Train less experienced team members on entire assisted transmission tools along with custom automation.

Participate actively to develop, document and execute Data Transmission disaster recovery plan.

Present 24×7 on-call availability for assisted infrastructure.

Evaluate, maintain, negotiate plus administer organization’s involvement in regional transmission tariffs along with network transmission service.

Represent enterprise’s transmission business function inside regional transmission.

Involve at industry-wide organizations to promote company’s load-serving transmission requirements.

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