Water Treatment Plant Operator Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise effective maintenance of all water purifying equipments in plant.

Ensure compliance to all Federal, State and local laws and regulations.

Train and supervise efficient working of staff, maintain and perform tests on various plant equipments.

Operate Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition program effectively.

Monitor inventory and labor allotment with help of computerized maintenance and management system.

Monitor and interpret all charts and graphs for test results and monitor treatment process of all water plants according to quality standards.

Analyze reports and communicate poor quality results to officers.

Maintain and update accurate records for treatment process and prepare log deliveries for same.

Maintain and calibrate various electronic and mechanical equipments.

Prepare and documents all data for treatment facility for raw water and high service pump stations.

Monitor all operational issues and report any malfunctions.

Assist to install water treatment facility and analyze equipment requirements for chemical and biology laboratory.

Administer treatment plants and perform operational adjustments for various residual and hardness.

Maintain efficient use of pump and ensure appropriate lubrication for all machines and monitor water pressure.

Prepare and submit monthly reports for smooth functioning of plant operations.

Perform regular maintenance work on chemical feed systems and alarm signals on computer control system.

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