R And D Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Lead and direct weekly project meetings and manage progress of all projects.

Allocate approved projects to team with target completion dates and follow up to ensure deadlines are met.

Supervise and provide leadership on all assigned projects and resolve problems delaying task completions.

Coordinate preliminary and final drafting activities of R & D project.

Ensure proper fit and function with associated products.

Head meetings with Product Review Committee to facilitate problem resolution.

Ensure all tests, drawings and associated documentation are accurate and properly filed conforming to document control policies.

Assist in final project approved meetings and perform with Sales and Purchasing hitting product availability date.

Ensure all departments receive information for final product selling, advertising and support.

Assist and manage Sales and QC Departments with technical phone calls.

Identify potential employee points of resistance by implementing changes and develop specific plans to mitigate concerns.

Ensure right resource allocation to map effectively to business needs.

Identify staff performance gaps and perform to develop and implement corrective actions.

Develop effective relationships with other service units and businesses.

Develop and organize team able to fulfill R&D’s commitments independently.

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