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REO Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate all REO file within required timeframe and prepare all documents for requests for all investors and agencies and ensure compliance to all regulations.

Administer REP proceedings for all cases and coordinate with all attorneys and investors for all processes and maintain status reports for all REO realtors and brokers and maintain and negotiate all contracts and agreements prior to all closing dates.

Perform research on individuals for all loan applications and payments and collaborate with property preservation vendors to open all new accounts for various work stations.

Administer all vendor performance and evaluate all proceedings according to required timeframe and maintain all database activities through appropriate property preservation process and perform audit on all REO accounts and ensure compliance to all payment procedures and evaluate process for all property.

Assist management with all process improvement solutions and evaluate all expenditure for property repairs and maintenance and recommend changes to plans if required.

Monitor and ensure appropriate response to all outstanding requests for all internal and external customers and evaluate all property values and design all project projections and prepare detail reports for all sales dates and losses.

Evaluate all expense invoices and request disbursements as per guidleines.

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