Youth Pastor Responsibilities and Duties

Administer and organize various youth programs such as teaching bible and evangelism.

Train and hire volunteers for efficient implementation of programs.

Provide counseling to youth and assist to achieve all individual goal.

Coordinate with parents on various activities and manage various Christian parenting roles.

Work with parents and prepare programs for spiritual growth of children.

Develop youth ministry budget and administer appropriate student fees for various programs.

Administer youth ministry budget according to parameters.

Design programs for development of overall church and plan integration of ministry in various phases.

Participate in various secular functions and identify appropriate requirement.

Maintain and develop effective relationships with various community leaders and mange outreach programs.

Prepare programs to facilitate spiritual growth and encourage evangelism.

Schedule and arrange various meetings for various middle and high school children.

Monitor everyday activities and ensure effectiveness of all programs.

Evaluate personal life of youth and manage frequent visits to same.

Plan various development programs for youth.

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