Research and Development Project Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Formulate new and revised products.

Develop, analyze and conduct organoleptic testing of new and revised products.

Implement product support initiatives through completion of schedules, budgets and financial analysis.

Review samples and communicate test results, interact with customers, ingredient suppliers, production and other departments.

Involve with R&D, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, quality and regulatory organizations at Baxter.

Lead solutions Life Cycle Management governance core team.

Prioritize project and evaluate future product support initiatives, projects and programs.

Ensure establishment of customer requirements for product enhancement.

Evaluate projects and suggest changes, continuation or termination of current solution product codes.

Decide on appropriate risk on substantial program impact.

Analyze and justify product lifecycle management initiatives.

Hire qualified team members and establish roles and responsibilities.

Lead team to define program strategies, develop goals and orchestrate team appraisal process.

Approve team deliverables to complete projects and guide team members to collaborate with direct supervisor.

Ensure team achieves stated goals, selects and manage direct reports.

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