Reservations Agent Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Monitor and provide response all inquiries for room rates and locations and administer all guest reservation for computer.

Manage and provide response to all guest requests and coordinate with sales and marketing to manage all communication.

Collaborate with group room coordinator for all bookings and manage manual systems for downtime and maintain knowledge on all phone systems.

Administer all projects and prepare all documents according to specification and provide accurate information for all accommodations types and transportation requirements.

Develop and promote all hotel marketing programs and provide reservation to guest according to preferences and assist to manage all communication with callers and evaluate all information.

Assist to maintain retrieve all data with help of computer reservation system with help of various codes and obtain information from all guests.

Maintain and organize all brochure information for guests and develop professional guest relations with co-workers.

Assist to confirm all room reservations on computer and maintain accuracy of all information and provide response to all front desk inquiries and recommend changes if required.

Manage all guest stay requests and maintain compliance to all policies and perform all check in and check out processes and maintain knowledge on all program fees.

Monitor all special requests of clients and ensure completion of same and transfer telephone calls to associate departments.

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