Restaurant Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Administer everyday operations and ensure compliance to all company fiscal guidelines and maintain work according to local and federal laws and design all profitable strategies for all guests and maintain all cost controls.

Monitor and ensure efficient of all restaurant operations and provide optimal customer experience and implement all action plans to achieve all business objectives and maintain optimal level of customer experience.

Develop various strategies to achieve all financial objectives and provide execllent services to all customers and maintain profitability of facility at all times.

Coordinate with co workers and develop various human resource strategies for all retailers and ensure positive response to all guest comments and provide education to all subordinate managers and ensure safe environment.

Supervise all activities and ensure compliance to all regulations and maintain high ethical standards at all times and participate in all department meetings and provide require support to office staff.

Evaluate performance of all associates within required timeframe and provide counseling to all associates and forecast all annual budget requirements and recommend ways to maximize all profits.

Prepare and analyze all monthly operating statements and maintain records of all operational expenses and prepare and ensure achievement of all budget goals and maintain efficiency of all labors.

Supervise all restaurant requirements and maintain all worker compensation report and ensure compliance to all OSHA requirements and labor laws and prepare all reports within required timeframe and maintain all employee files and ensure accuracy in same.

Provide training to all associates and ensure compliance to all performance standards and promote an efficient work environment at all times.

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