Retail Sales Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Motivate sales associates to meet sales goals and oversee performance against standards.

Implement events as per company directives to enhance client base and loyalty.

Schedule to ensure store coverage and maximize sales.

Maintain relationships with corporate office, shopping center office and stores.

Educate and communicate initiatives on dynamic items and create new item fact sheet and review issues.

Work with Store Operations Divisional management to drive Corporate Brand initiatives.

Inspect and comply with non-negotiable standards using checklist daily.

Execute and inspect current and new retail programs’ roll out and training.

Recognize retail employees’ positive performance against key sales metrics.

Observe retail employees’ interaction with customers.

Sell and lead incremental displays creation in all regional stores.

Negotiate with store personnel to reach win-win results and develop string customer relationships.

Implement merchandising plans and offer options for product sell through.

Hire qualified sales associates to meet company standards for building talent pool.

Implement company policies to follow procedure against disciplinary action.

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