Brand Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all merchandise performance and assist brand Manager and Director in everyday activities.

Coordinate with Brand Manager and Brand Director and provide strategies to replace brands and eliminate all deficiencies and prepare strategies to achieve all objectives.

Develop and analyze all selling reports on weekly basis and forecast and recommend purchase quantities for all key programs.

Collaborate with brand manager to determine retail price range and prepare all exit strategies and develop various long term strategies and execute all replenishment items and maintain all brands.

Administer all EDI projections to facilitate increase in sales and supervise all EDI process to interact with all divisions and suppliers and manage all deficiencies.

Perform regular inventory analysis and perform all additional replacements and monitor everyday activities to perform research on client activities and processes.

Perform quantitative research for all brands and analyze same to prepare all presentations and recommend improvements for same.

Analyze all private brands seasonal sales and receipt plans and evaluate all division performance.

Manage all communication with key programs and associate items and ensure compliance with policies and regulations and recommend changes if required.

Identify all deficiencies and evaluate all meeting results in coordination with merchandising and product teams and prepare plans for private brand sales on seasonal basis.

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