Brand Representative Responsibilities and Duties

Provide excellent services to all customers to ensure achievement of all production goals and coordinate with local distributor to maintain all assign territories.

Maintain records of all sales and organize various events for consumer sampling.

Train all staff for various accounts and provide all selling strategies and design all special activities for present account base.

Assist customers to relate to brands and associate with same in various events and implement all marketing activities.

Administer all agency resources to ensure achievement of all objectives and ensure compliance to all federal and state regulations.

Oversee all mail programs for brands and assist to enroll all interested consumers and prepare reports for all events and inventory.

Develop and maintain effective relations with all brands and recommend client direction and maintain all inventories for various products.

Manage all communication with all field manager and head quarter staff and monitor all competitor activity.

Facilitate in representation of all clients at various agencies and participate in various conference calls.

Maintain all brand display and ensure compliance to all standards and prepare reports for all merchandising managers.

Manage all negotiation for brand retail space and inform all store personnel to ensure achievement of all services.

Develop and maintain effective relationship with all store personnel and hire staff as per requirement.

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