Brand Strategist Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with experience strategy team and design all individual projects and develop effective brand strategy for all design architecture.

Analyze all brand concepts and prepare both visual and written description for same on regular basis.

Organize and participate in all meetings with clients and design content for all brands and administer all projects in various segments.

Collaborate with various team members and monitor and ensure compliance to service objectives and provide required education for all brands.

Generate various brand publicity exercises, organize conferences and seminars for various organization.

Develop and maintain contacts with various media personnel and determine appropriate media for brand promotion.

Assist to promote all brands with help of various social networking sites and associate e-content tools and maintain awareness for all campaigns and design all PR plans and proposals.

Participate and recommend various brand awareness activities for organization and implement all marketing strategies for all brands and implement all programs as per requirement.

Analyze and ensure optimal utilization of all resources for client campaigns.

Implement all projects for all clients and project managers and ensure achievement of all marketing targets on multiple platforms.

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